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On the outskirts of Dawson City, the heart of the Yukon is revealing its secrets to the bedrock sources of the 20 million ounces* of alluvial placer gold recovered during the historic Klondike Gold Rush (*Yukon Geological Survey estimate). Its incredible that in over 120 years, this is the first time a team of exploration geologists has surveyed the entire Klondike District. They compiled a clear record to recognize what type of rocks host gold and each day started with a simple 20 km drive from Dawson City to start sampling soils, structural mapping, and lithologic mapping at the Klondike Gold Project. 

It’s an exciting time to be making discoveries in the Yukon.  The White Gold discovery by Underworld and the Coffee Gold discovery by Kaminak sparked a new generation of exploring and hundreds of million-dollar investments have flowed into the Yukon. Investors have high expectations for us to prove a large source of Klondike gold still exists along a potential 60 km trend. Surface geochemical markers outline a series of structures spanning the length of Klondike’s project, with many regions along this geochemical anomaly showcasing characteristics of potential million-ounce gold targets. 

Klondike’s sole objective is to:

Prove to the world that we have a lot of gold here 

How much more gold is still waiting to be found? To start off Klondike Gold aims to identify and systematically drill target areas, to outline the extents of mineralized zones that have a potential of 1 million ounces or more.

Klondike’s team has identified four secondary faults that control gold mineralization at in the northwest end of the Klondike District Property: the Bonanza, Nugget, Eldorado and Irish faults. The gold was forced up through the faults and formed veins or was disseminated. We believe those faults are controlled by the “Rabbit Fault”, a major structure originating in the deep crust that propagates the  secondary gold bearing structures through the entire 60 kilometer stretch from Lone Star to the Gold Run claim holdings.

Systematic delineation off 50-meter centers

Lone Star plan map

Klondike has reached three important milestones that continue to move the project forward:

  1. Discovered high-grade gold in quartz veins (2015 – most of 2016)

  2. Discovered disseminated gold (end of 2016)

  3. Discovered the same rock types and structures exist as at the Coffee Gold project (2017 and 2018)

Initial exploration efforts in 2015 and 2016 were focused on searching for high concentration gold-bearing quartz veins, following the exact same steps as all other Klondike explorers had done for the past 120 years. The Company achieved success with results such as 75.6g/t Au over 2.8 meters and 5.3 g/t Au over 7.6 meters, but more importantly, what the Company realized, was the presence of gold mineralization hosted in the rocks surrounding the rich quartz-veins. 

In 2017 and 2018 Klondike shifted focus of exploration efforts to define the extent of this type of disseminated gold mineralization. Results such as 2.4 g/t over 40.9 meters and 1.55 g/t over 45.2 meters support the theory of a broader system of gold mineralization throughout the Klondike District Property. This is important because evenly distributed gold over broad widthsbuilds ounces much quicker than solely looking for narrow high-grade quartz veins.  

The 2018 drilling program exceeded the objective with a total 9,512 meters of core drilled in 91 holes.

Near-term objective: add as many ounces as possible by including disseminated gold, not just gold hosted in quartz veins. 

In 2018, Klondike Gold completed the first ever district wide geological mapping consisting of geo-chemical, geophysical, and lithography work. This new map shows a similar structural system and exactly the same rock types as the Coffee Gold Project. The potential cause for the differentiation in the Au type is the age of the rocks. This discovery is a major breakthrough in understanding the geology of the Klondike District and knowing what host rocks we should look for.

The Yukon has been a highly sought after jurisdiction with Goldcorp Inc., Newmont Mining Corp. and Barrick Gold Corp. investing more than US$600 million since 2016. So why Klondike Gold (TSX.V: KG; FRA: LBDP; OTC: KDKGF)? There are a multitude of factors to consider if a project has a future and Klondike benefits from:

  1. Near Surface mineralization

  2. Widely disseminated 

  3. Coarse free gold 

  4. 20 km from Dawson City 

Near Surface mineralization. So far Klondike has drilled 24,877 meters and its all shallow mineralization. Bulk tonnage operations are generally lower cost.

Widely disseminated. More gold hosted in rock adjacent to high grades veins. 

Coarse free gold. Defined as gold in naturally formed large grains, as distinguished from fine gold. 

20 km from Dawson City. The benefits of good road infrastructure close to a major community are access to skilled labour and less environmental disturbance, reduced expenses, and quicker drill times. Fortunately its easy to drive to drill targets so lodging has been in the city. 

Back during the Klondike Gold Rush, the only way to get to Dawson City was via the steep incline of the Chilkoot Trail and the dangerous rapids of the Yukon River. Today we can fly personnel from Vancouver and be on site within 6 hours. 

Klondike Gold is fortunate to be well financed with roughly 46% of Klondike's shares held by management and the top 10 shareholders including mining billionaire investors Frank Giustra (14%), Eric Sprott (13%). With a strong shareholder base, CEO Peter Tallman has a rare opportunity to achieve his goals and continue growing the project with minimal dilution next year. 

2019 budget is financed with $2.0 million allocated for exploration.

First we need to discover the source of the Klondike, all of that alluvial 20 million ounces of gold 

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